COVID Vaccines – Patient Update

The roll out of the Covid vaccinations is going very well and are on target to vaccinate all the people in their priority groups within the timescale set out by the Government.

Some sites in our area were up and running sooner than others and this means they are further ahead in the vaccination of patients in their catchment areas. So, whilst some GPs are now inviting younger people in for their jabs, others that started a bit later are still working through patients in the older age groups.

Over time, we are confident all areas will even out but at the moment, please don’t be worried if you still haven’t had your appointment booked. We will get to you. We guarantee that everyone in Berkshire West who is eligible for a vaccination will be offered one.

Please be patient and please don’t ring the surgery asking where you are in the vaccination booking programme. We are working our way down the priority group list and will contact you when it’s your turn. The priority group list has been produced nationally using electronic records and sometimes with input from GPs or Consultants.

Only when patients are extremely clinically vulnerable are we able to consider any possible exceptions to vaccinating people outside of the priority group they fit into. This means people with long standing or complex medical conditions can only be called for a vaccination when we reach their age range in the priority list (please see below).

When you are called for your appointment, please attend at your booked time so we can minimise queues in this cold weather.

In the meantime, if you have had your jab, remember you still are at risk of spreading the virus and must still abide by the current restrictions.