Strep A Information

Strep A infections are very common and usually (but not always) start as a severe sore throat.

It is treated with antibiotics, and serious complications are rare.

Please see the following links which may help with some queries you may have:

Group A Strep WATCH: Dr Colin Brown, Director of Clinical and Emerging Infection at UKHSA on #GroupAStrep, what to look out for & what parents should do if their child

If you feel your child is getting worse after a bout of scarlet fever, a sore throat, or a respiratory infection. We have provided the following guidance which tells you when to worry and who to contact.

Paediatric Leaflet (PDF)

Because there has been lots of media coverage recently, we are extremely busy taking calls from worried parents and carers – this has impacted on the number of appointments we have available.

However, there are a lot of viruses circulating in the community and you can expect to have multiple viral illnesses during the winter.

To find out if you need to see a clinician, please visit